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Why a first look is a MUST HAVE for your Wedding Day

Wedding Planning

If you are newly engaged you might have noticed a lot of couples are stepping away from the traditional the first time the groom sees me is when I walk down the aisle. For a lot of brides this idea can be kinda  shocking and overwhelming. But wait just hear us out!

It Honestly is all about your time line. We have some couples who have found a way to make it work but in all honesty days without first looks are stressful. And heres why,

You have spent MONTHS planning this day! You both sat down and went through your guest list and choose each and every person you invited. When in all reality you will hardly get to spend any time with them at all.

Traditionally a wedding timeline has the ceremony start time on average at 2:00 o’clock. Once the ceremony is done it’s greet your guests and then start your family formals and portrait sessions. Keep in mind you have yet to have a moment alone without the caucus of family pictures. Once the family formals are done we then take the bridal party and bride and groom for portraits. Then it’s straight to your reception and you dance the night away.

Something a Little Different

Once hair and makeup are done you head to a beautiful place for portraits and you getting ready for your first look. Besides your photographers 😉 you two are alone! And able to share in this sweet moment without everyone being up in your space. So many of our brides have talked about how nervous they were and how wonderful it was to be able to talk to their soon to be husband. The couple can pray together read aloud a sweet letter that brings everyone to tears. Once the couple has really taken the time to enjoy those first moments we then head straight into portrait session time!!!

So all the snuggles and giggles and veil swooshing you can imagine! Then we bring your bridal party out and grab some beautiful wedding details and those special individual pictures of you with each of your bridal party. some of our couples then choose to go ahead and get all the family pictures out of the way! They ask them all to come early so they can fully enjoy their guests after the ceremony. Once we get the family formals done we then go into hiding from the guests that are arriving. And let me tell you girls something!

Will He Still Cry when I Walk Down The Aisle?

So many of our past brides will say.. well if we do a first look he’s not going to cry. Every single time we have done a first look where the groom cried he also cried when she walked down the isle (which also means Brett cried both times as well) haha

After the ceremony we then can grab anything else that didn’t get done before hand but then. You get to go enjoy your reception!!!!! (Confession we might steal you one more time for some epic sunset portraits but that’s it) there’s not big gap of our guests waiting for you to arrive and get this party started!!

We truly work hard to make sure your wedding goes as smoothly as possible and we can say with confidence that getting your pictures done before the ceremony has produced wedding days full of way less stress on the couple!


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