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I bet you think we are going to tell you about how we have loved photography all of our lives and that photographing weddings has always been in our blood. Well that would be a lie.

The truth is, 6 years ago, we were exactly where you are.
Newly Engaged, planning my very own Wedding, and the Date
"April 17th, 2016" written on a big post it note on the side of my computer. A date that will forever mean the world to us, where we would make a life long covenant to each other in the countryside of Fairbury, Illinois.

You always hear your friends say how much they loved working with their photographers, that they were the greatest of friends, and they could really feel the emotion of their wedding day. We were just as excited as you for this moment! Well our wedding day came and went, and we got a few great pictures, but we were left feeling unfulfilled and empty. We never got the experience we were hoping for, which was someone who really knew who we were and what mattered to us the most.

We are Joanna and Brett

We knew from that moment on, we never wanted another bride and groom to feel that way on the most important day of their lives. 




Have been on an incredible journey to get to this point

Have chosen to make that everlasting commitment

Deserve photographers who are going to Advocate for you on your Wedding day

We came together as to give you that experience you have always wanted, and that friendship you have been so excited for. 

We dedicate ourselves to your values and what you hold dear to your heart. Everything that is important to you becomes our top priority. Your friendship is something we value the most. You can rest easy, knowing you will see Genuine emotion from your wedding day, as it is in the best of hands.



"They got to know us on such a deep level, showing us just how unique our story really is"

Your story as it was meant to be told

Authentic Moments as they happen

Intentional Direction & care

states we've Photographed in


JB Couples we HAVE Served


years we will be soulmates

Beautiful Daughter


Brett has lost his car keys


years we've been together


Its been over 5 incredible years since we said I do and where are today, compared to where we were then is a blessing. We have a beautiful daughter, named Everly, who just turned 3 years old! She knows exactly how to keep us on our toes, and Brett securely wrapped around her finger. 

These days at our home, you can hear Joanna singing away in the kitchen, making an incredible dinner. Downstairs is Brett yelling "GO GO GO!" during his Chicago Bears football game while Everly is cheering loudly. 

There is absolutely nothing we love more than putting Everly to bed together, sitting on the couch after a long day, and passing out before the movie even starts.

~Pizza Snob- believes if it isn't
Lou Malnati's, then it isn't real Chicago Deep dish Pizza

~Joanna's personal Masseuse

~Cries 5 times during the Movie "Rudy"...and is a complete wreck if the Chicago Cubs win the world series

~Master of the Grilled Cheese Arts

~Obsesser of Monster Trucks

~Superpower that allows him to block out everything Joanna asks him to do.



~Yes, that REALLY is how red Joanna's hair is!

~Being 1 of 10 children, Joanna's phone can't go 10 minutes without ringing

~Joanna's first car had bright Pink Racing stripes and Neon pink lights (which is not her personality at all!)

~Loves Talking about decorating her house...not so great with following through

~Uses "Slap Ya Mama" Cajun seasoning in every single dish she makes; luckily she doesn't take the title of the seasoning too literally


Lets have some fun

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It is so important to us that we create the best wedding experience for our couples that they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

We would love to hear more about you, your fiancé, and how you two came to be. Fill out our Contact form below and we will be in touch as soon as we can!


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