ALL ABOUT Joanna & Brett

We believe in creating images that you can feel all over again. 

Our Vision

f you think this story begins by telling you how we have loved photography since we were kids and have always dreamt of being wedding photographers...

Seven years ago we were not wedding photographers, we were actually in your shoes. Planning very own wedding and counting down the days until we make forever a reality, April 17, 2016

The stress was real as the date started to get closer and closer. Just like you, we researched, planned, and just prayed that everything would be perfect. This was a day that only happens once in a lifetime. Talking about all the moments we were excited to create with our friends and family. The stories we would tell our kids about our wedding day, about the day we made that life long commitment to each other.

About Joanna & Brett

We realized that the biggest priority for our wedding was photography. All of the people that mean the absolute world to us together in one place, a place full of so much joy and love. 

When the time came, we hired the perfect photographer who knew our story inside and out

When we started talking about what moments would mean the most to us, there was one that meant the world to Joanna. The first time I saw her walk down the aisle. 

I wanted this to happen for Joanna, and I wanted to make sure it was memorable. The song "Feels Like Home" from the movie "How to lose a guy in 10 days" always makes me think about Joanna and get emotional. Our worship pastor sung this when Joanna walked down the aisle. Our ushers threw the doors open right at the chorus for Joanna to walk out. 

We have both committed ourselves to creating an experience that is unique to your wedding day, allowing you be free to enjoy your wedding day, knowing that your photographers are committed to capturing authentic, heartwarming, beautiful photographs of you.

The heat in my cheeks, the numbness in my face

When I look at this photograph I feel

Everything I saw, everything I was thinking at that very moment I saw her, it all comes rushing right back to me. Each photograph from our wedding day is now a memory we get to relive. 

These photographs now serve a greater purpose in our lives. Daily reminders of why we the future is worth fighting for, that we are never alone. Those feelings our photographs bring keeps our marriage right where it needs to be, feeling the love we both felt when we said I DO.

a memory is not enough

Never forget the way it feels

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We become Texans!


We start coaching photographers


We officially become full time Photographers


Brett offically leaves NASCAR to pursue weddings full time


Our Wedding day

Everly is born


We are Married!


Brett Proposes, Joanna said yes!

Joanna & Brett Photography is Born


the dating days 

Photograph our first wedding together

Our relationship grows


First kiss at the top of the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

We met on Plenty of Fish (yup the dating app!)


our journey

July 22nd of 2017, we brought daughter into the world. Everly was born 6 weeks early and had to spend 10 days in the NICU. Being separated from our daughter was one of the hardest things we ever experienced. Everly endured so many complications in the womb, she was a warrior. To this day we don't take this little girl for granted

Our Little Family

These days at home, you can hear Joanna singing away in the kitchen, making an incredible dinner. In the Living room, is Brett yelling "GO GO GO!" during a Chicago Bears football game while Everly is cheering loudly. 

There is absolutely nothing we love more than putting Everly to bed together, sitting on the couch after a long day, and passing out before the movie even starts.





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This is Us

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Quality Time

Love Language:

Sedona, Az


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doing dishes



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Oh, so you want to know more? here's the facts:



Photographing Monster Trucks


Deep Dish Pizza


Anything Marvel

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Brett's favoRites:

the bachelor


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Everly's sass

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years we will be soulmates

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This is not just a special day

This is the beginning of your legacy

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