For couples who cherish family legacy and the unscripted moments of joy, let's start weaving your legacy together through each magical, genuine photograph.

We believe in creating images that you can feel all over again. 

About Joanna & Brett

It actually begins  seven years ago, when we were in your shoes, planning our wedding for April 17, 2016—the day we'd cherish forever. We were meticulously planning every detail, hoping for perfection, envisioning the moments with loved ones and the stories we would tell our future children.

For our wedding, photography was our top priority. We wanted to encapsulate the laughter, tears, and heartfelt embraces of our loved ones and the moments that we shared. We were lucky to find a photographer who understood our story down to the molecular level.

As we delved into the discussions about the moments that would mean the most to us, one meant more to Joanna than anything else. The moment she has dreamt of when she was a little girl. Seeing my face the instant i saw her walk down the aisle, a memory that would be etched in our hearts for the rest of our lives.Creating an unforgettable moment for Joanna was my goal. Whenever I hear the song "Feels Like Home,"  memories of her flood in, stirring deep emotions.

Our story doesn't begin with childhood dreams or aspirations of photography. 

About Joanna & Brett

When I look at this Photograph, I can feel

Every time we look back at our wedding photographs, we're transported back to the joyous occasions spent with dear friends and beloved family members who have since departed from this world.

These photographs now hold great significance in our lives. They're our daily dose of motivation, reminding us why we're in this together, why we keep pushing forward, and that we are not alone.

We know how important these photographs are going to be to you long after your wedding day ends. That is why it is our commitment  to give you a distinctive wedding experience.  Where you get to enjoy the day with true peace of mind that your memories are in the best of hands. Let loose and enjoy your special day while we work our magic, preserving the most genuine and heartwarming moments.. 

The heat in my cheeks

The numbness in my face

We move from Chicago to Austin, texas!!

2022 / 

We become full time wedding photographers!!

2020 / 

Brett Leaves nascar to pursue weddings full time

2018 / 

The birth of our daughter, Everly

2017 / 

April 17th, 2016 we are married!!!

2016 / 

Joanna & Brett Photography is Born
Brett Proposes, Joanna said yes!

2015 / 

Our relationship grows
Photograph our first wedding together

2014 / 

We met on Plenty of Fish (yup the dating app!)
First kiss at the top of the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel



Through the

July 22nd of 2017, we brought our daughter into the world. Everly was born 6 weeks early and had to spend 10 days in the NICU. Being separated from our daughter was one of the hardest things we ever experienced. Everly endured so many complications in the womb, she was a warrior. To this day we don't take this little girl for granted.

These days at home, you can hear Joanna singing away in the kitchen, making an incredible dinner. In the Living room, is Brett yelling "GO GO GO!" during a Chicago Bears football game while Everly is cheering loudly. 

There is absolutely nothing we love more than putting Everly to bed together, sitting on the couch after a long day, and passing out before the movie even starts.

Our Little Family

Let's embark on an adventure through love, laughter, and happily ever after – are you in?

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