When you look back at your wedding day, we don't want you to only see beautiful photographs. You should to be transported back to the moment each photograph was taken. The warmth from the sun shining through the window, the laughs in the room down the hall, the scent of his cologne. Let your wedding photos create a special experience every single time you look at them. Don't just talk about the special memories from your wedding day.

Feel all the Emotions

from your wedding day 

a pretty photograph just isn't enough

Feel the magic from the day
over and over again

wedding Experience


From the first time we meet you, we devote ourselves to learning about you both, your story, what you are dreaming up for your wedding day, and what you are the most excited about. 

We will keep you both laughing, having fun, and becoming completely comfortable being in front of the cameras. Understanding your connection and properly showcasing the love you both have for one another. The last thing you will have to worry about is your photographs.

Connection & Comfortability

How we are different

We know how scary it can be in front of the camera, not knowing how to stand, where to put our hands, etc. You won't have to make any tough decisions. Our posing system will have you both laughing and having fun, all while working with angles that flatter you both the best. We will tell you where to look and how to stand, allowing you to grow your connection with each other. 

Authentic Posing Specialists

We dive deep into understanding the relationships you have with your friends and family from the very beginning.

On the wedding day, we know how much those relationships mean to you, as well as the moments you have dreamt of sharing with each person. Your sister finally telling you how proud she is of you. Your dad's being vulnerable for the first time ever and letting a tear fall down his cheek. Realizing all of your sorority sisters are finally together after all these years.

We create a safe space that allows these moments to happen naturally and to their fullest potential. At the end of your wedding day, you will not only leave with memories you will never forget, but so will those who you love the most.

Create opportunity for Heartfelt Memories

We treat every single member of your family just like we would our own family. All of them have made an impact on your lives and been there when you needed someone the most. Your family is also made to be a priority as well. You can tell your mom she will be well taken care of, we always make sure to get the photos she wants (after you get everything you want of course).

Your Family = Our Family

Anything can happen on a wedding day. After photographing over 150 weddings, we still run into things we haven't seen before. Timeline delays, unexpected downpours, wardrobe malfunctions, catering taking our cake before we finish it (ok thats our problem).

Nothing is a surprise to us and every single wedding day, we work with every vendor working with you to come up with a Plan B and Plan C before anything happens. That way you aren't even aware that changes were made, and you can keep enjoying the day.

Expert Problem Solvers

It is so easy to forget that this is YOUR WEDDING DAY. You are making the biggest commitment you will ever make in your lives. This is YOUR DAY, if you want your first dinner to be burgers at a local burger joint, just the two of you, DO IT! If you want to end the night jumping in a pool with your wedding dress, DO IT! We are here to make those wedding dreams become photographic memories

It's your wedding, do it your way

We will get to know all the fun things about you both, what makes your story truly special. The best way for you to be comfortable with us is by starting to grow that connection between us well before you step in front of the camera.

getting to know you

We will dive deep into your story, your wedding day, why photography is essential, and if we are the right fit for you both.

Once we have customized a collection for your wedding day and you make it official, we will celebrate!! 


You have done your research, you are loving us, our work, & how we value your wedding photography. Head over to our Contact Page, fill out the form, and you will hear from us shortly!

reaching out

We will get to understand the relationships you have with your family, your bridal party, and anyone else that is important to you.

We take the knowledge we gain to come up with a gameplan on where emotional opportunities may show up on the wedding day 


We will work with both you and your wedding coordinator to create a wedding day timeline that is stress free and gives you the ability to enjoy your wedding. 

Timeline Prep

You both will learn our posing system and become comfortable being in front of our cameras. This will be a fun evening that will get you even more excited for your wedding day

Engagement Session

One month after the Reveal, you will receive your wedding album. This wedding album will be heirloom quality, lasting generations for you to share your story with everyone your love.


6 to 8 weeks after your wedding day, we will meet either in person or zoom. This will be the very first time you see your wedding photographs. We will finalize your wedding album design.

The Reveal

The big day is finally here! We will arrive on your day ready to love on everyone. We will make your day relaxing, stress free, and full of laughs. We will celebrate on the dance floor with you both at the end of the night!

the wedding day



All day wedding coverage Begins at

Each wedding is so unique in their own way. We work with every single couple to customize a collection based their own individual needs that will give them assurance that no moments will be missed.


So your wedding day has come and gone, you have your wedding photos back...now what? Truth is most couples don't even know what to do with those photos. They end up sitting on a hard drive, never to be seen again. You are making a significant investment in your wedding photography, your memories deserve so much better than that! That's why every single one of our collections has a wedding album included! We Pre-Design a wedding album for every single one of our couples, as well as give you as many options as possible to customize your album.

We understand the significance your wedding album is going to have in your lives. This isn't just a book full of memories, this is how your children, your grand children, YOUR GREAT GRAND CHILDREN are going to about where they came from. We photograph weddings knowing how much a fun moment with your mom, your dad, your grand parents, etc. is going to mean to you decades later when they have passed. Capturing the true essence of who they are as a person.

Our albums need to stand up to the test of time so these photographs can teach future generations where they came from. That's why our Wedding Albums only use the best quality linen's & leathers, as well as the best quality inks & papers. Our Albums are guaranteed to last decades without fading, so when the next generations open your wedding album to learn about their family history, it will be as vibrant and true to color then as it was the day you opened your wedding album for the very first time. 

Legacy Wedding Albums

preserving your memories

Kelsey + Colton

"Before the Wedding day, we were so worried that our wedding day was going to look like everyone else's. Nothing unique, just a cookie cutter experience that didn't show case who we are. Joanna and Brett showed us just how unique our Story is! They asked us so many questions, got to know us on such a deep level. They were real with us, they were themselves and that helped us be confident in who we are!"

Elizabeth + Troy

Their genuine passion for what they do really shows. They were always there for us during the entire wedding planning process. I almost think Brett would be our flower girl if we asked! Joanna & Brett really go above and beyond for us. They cared so much about us!

Nicole + Ryan

We couldn't be more pleased with Joanna and Brett on how they captured our dream wedding! They listened to our requests and DELIVERED!

Our wedding photos were breathtaking and they were just so much fun to work with!

We are so glad we chose them to document such an important day; they captured it flawlessly! We would not turn to anybody else to photograph our family.

Every single wedding is different and there are so many factors that go into deciding how many hours will be needed. When we talk during our consultation with you both, we will help build the framework of your timeline to show you how many hours will be perfect for your wedding day!

how many hours of photography do we need?

ABSOLUTELY! Even though we are now located in Austin, Illinois will always be our second home. We plan on taking on a certain number of weddings every year, especially during the most popular months (June, October). Also, travel expenses to Illinois are all Inclusive! You can rest easy knowing there wont be any extra costs for us to photograph your wedding in Illinois.


On average our couples book between 9-18 months out before their wedding day. However it is not uncommon for us to get inquiries up to a month or two before the wedding day. Unfortunately many of those we are already booked, so contact us as soon as humanly possible.


We do not want you waiting months for your wedding photos. Our delivery time takes 6-8 weeks for us to edit your photos, design your wedding album, and prep for your reveal session. Here is the best part, before your wedding day, we are going to schedule your reveal session. After your wedding is over, you won't have to worry about when your wedding photos will be done. You will already know!


We deliver on average 75-100 images per hour that we photograph at your wedding


Absolutely we travel! We have special destination wedding collections that will already have travel costs included. That way there is no guess work for you!




If the form is not working Reach out!

We would love to hear more about you both and what you are dreaming up for your wedding day. We will reach out to you as soon as possible!

We do not take on every wedding that comes our way. It is important that we only work with the same couples who share the same brand values

Every couple deserves the very best for their wedding. We want to make absolutely sure you make the right choice for your wedding day

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