You landed on this page for a reason. You just got engaged and you are being told left and right that you need to get your engagement photos taken.....but are they actually important?

As Austin Engagement photographers, we believe engagement sessions are one of the most important things you can do before you officially tie the knot.

Getting engaged is a significant step for every single couple, these photographs showcase the connection that you both share for each other. We totally understand how intimidating it can be in front of the camera, for most couples this is the very first time they have ever gotten their photos professionally done together. 

Some of the things couples are often worry about are "What do I do with my hands?" "Am I standing ok?" "Do I need to smile right now....or does that look weird?" When you have your engagement session with us,  you do not have to worry about making a single decision with your posing. From start to finish, we will make all the hard decisions for you, posing you in a flattering, natural way. 

Then there is the dreaded "My smile looks so cheesy and fake"

We are so proud that we NEVER here this, EVER. From the very second we meet you, we start devoting ourselves to creating a comfortable, relaxing experience. This allows all of our couples to have joke around, laugh with each other, and experience truly joyful moments. 

 When you look at your engagement photos, you won't just see your real smile, you will see your true self.

To simply put it, this is not just a photo session, this is a truly unique, fun experience you both will share together. 

Austin Engagement Photographers

We will work with you to help determine where the best location and time for your session. It can be a spot you absolutely love, or a location from our curated list that are the best locations in Austin.


Step 4

We will send you our J|B Engagement Guide! This guide will give you tips to plan for your session, as well as help you pick out your outfits

The J|B Engagement Guide

Step 3

We will set up to chat either via phone or video to get to know you both. We want to know more about your story, as well as what you are dreaming up for your engagement session.

Getting to know you

Step 2

Fill out our contact form on the bottom of the page. We will reach out to you as soon as humanly possible.

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Step 1

The time is here! Get ready for an evening full of laughs and fun! 

The Engagement Session

Step 5

2-3 Weeks after your session you will receive a special online gallery with all of your beautiful portraits from your session. You will also have access to purchasing Museum grade wall art and prints in our online store.


Step 6

Engagement Sessions Investment


Every engagement session includes:

  •  1+ Hour session 
  • J|B Engagement Guide
  • Every photo professionally edited.
  • Curated online gallery w/print release.

Engagement Sessions

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