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ALL ABOUT Joanna & Brett

He stands before his bride, with his back turned to her. His heart is racing, as he has been dreaming of this moment since he first laid eyes on her years ago. He slowly turns around and there she stands, more beautiful than ever before. Tears stream down his face as he embraces her, holding her tighter than ever before. In this moment, he realizes he is about to make an eternal commitment to his best friend and partner.

Does that not tug at your heartstrings? These emotional moments are what we live for. The first look, when your father gives away your hand in marriage, and when you turn to your best friend and are reminded of all the times they were there for you. These moments make up the fabric of your shared life together.

As Austin wedding photographers, our goal is to not only capture these special moments, but also transport you back to them every time you look at your wedding photos. Memories that are so vivid that all five of your senses are triggered, allowing you to relive every detail of your special day.

We are
Joanna & Brett

Husband & Wife Wedding  Photographers in Austin, Texas

Monica + Chandler

They did an amazing job making us feel like ourselves and look our absolute best. I don't think we have ever laughed so much. Joanna & Brett are truly amazing!!

Your First Family Heirloom

With having photographed over 100+ weddings, we know exactly how to create a stress free enviroment for our couples. We will work with your team of vendors to maintain a care free day. The only thing you have to worry about is being fully present with your each other and your loved ones.

Your Wedding Day will be stress free

We don't want you to just look back at your wedding day, we want you to feel it all over again! The laughter, the tears, and all the stories behind them will be captured so you can remember exactly how it felt. 

There is no redo button

When you look back at your wedding photos, you'll want to see genuine laughter and real connections, not awkward poses and forced smiles. We do not believe in forcing the fake smile you have been making since grade school. Our process showcases the real you, both inside and out. 

Authentic, Elegant photographs that you can feel

it is more than just taking pretty pictures


You don't want your wedding photos to just live on your phone and computer right? Computers are vulnerable to technological changes and data loss. Our wedding albums and wall art are designed to be heirloom pieces that will preserve your legacy for generations to come.

The first time he ever cried in front of you 

The tears on your father's cheeks as he gave your hand away.

The entire gang back together again, celebrating with you.

Your partner absolutely lost it when they finally saw you.

Acting like you are back in college, having fun with your buddies.

Kept the promise they made to you when you were little.

The day your family grew by one.

Celebrating your day, your way

When you told them how much they have always meant to you.

When you officially become a family

When you realize you are going to be together for the rest of your lives

What memory will mean the most to you?

"The best thing about sweet making them"

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Memories last a lifetime

Your Wedding only lasts one day

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Kaitlin & Daniel

" Joanna & Brett know exactly how to make you feel confident in yourself & pose you to get that perfect photograph. They are incredibly organized and were always there for every moment. The absolute best photographers we could have ever asked for!"

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When we are your wedding photographers, your story is going to be told in your photographs and preserved for generations. 

We will help you create your timeline, recommend vendors that we trust, and make your wedding day an experience that you and your loved ones will always remember.

As Austin wedding photographers with over 150 weddings under our belts, we have an abundance of knowledge and experience. We create a unique experience that caters to each our couples.

You want photographs that show off your true selves, it is going to take more than a photographer who takes great photographs. You need someone that you both connect with, who you can truly be yourselves in front of. Someone who takes the time to learn everything that is important to you, and knows exactly how to make what you dream, a reality.

Let's be REAl, you need more than just a photographer

We absolutely do! Engagement sessions are thee best way to get to know you before the wedding day, as well as get comfortable in front of the camera. Engagement sessions are included in several of our collections. We also offer engagement sessions ale carte  for couples wanting their engagement session in Austin as well.

Do you Offer Engagement sessions?

Most weddings will have 2 Austin wedding photographers. One photographer can photograph a wedding successfully, but things may happen that can cause the photographer to stop shooting temporarily. A second photographer gives you the piece of mind that if something happens to one photographer, the other one will still capture what they may have missed.

How many photographers will we need for our wedding?

We typically recommend between 8-10 hours for your wedding day, depending on where in Austin your wedding is and what time of year it will be.

How many hours of coverage will we need for our wedding?

Wedding Albums are one of the most important things a couple can have to showcase their wedding photographs. Albums are also the very first heirloom piece that a couple will have that will be passed down to their kids. Wedding albums are included in many of our collections.

Do you offer wedding Albums?

We absolutely do! Even though we live in Austin, we photograph weddings all over the country! We have special collections no matter where on planet earth your wedding will be.

Do you travel outside of Texas?

Our office is in Dripping Springs, Texas. We serve all of Austin, the great state of Texas, and destinations nationwide.

Where are you located?

Frequently Asked Questions

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