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He stands in front of his bride, facing away from her . His heart is trembling, he has been thinking about this day since he first saw her years ago. He slowly turns around, and there stands his bride, more beautiful than he has ever seen her. Tears just pour down his face and he embraces her, holding her tighter than ever before. At this moment is when it hits him, today he finally makes that everlasting commitment with his best friend, his person.

Tell me that did not just hit you in the feels right? These emotional moments are what we live for. The first look….Your dad when he gives away your hand in marriage….That moment you look over at your best friend, and you remember how she has been there for you every single time you needed someone…These moments are the very fabric of what is written in the narrative of your lives together.

As wedding photographers in Austin Tx,  our goal is is to not only capture those moments, but take you back to that very moment every single time you look at your wedding photographs. Memories so vivid that all 5 of your senses are triggered, remembering every little detail of what was happening around you.

When we are your wedding photographers, you will never have to worry about your photographs.  You will be relaxed, full of happiness, and free to live in the moment has your wedding day unfolds and you make that everlasting commitment to each other.

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