As Austin engagement photographers, we are dedicated to helping couples find the ideal location for their engagement session. The city of Austin and the surrounding Texas Hill Country offer a plethora of options, from downtown to beautiful natural landscapes. Every photographer has their personal list of favorite locations and we are excited to share our top choices for engagement sessions in Austin.

About 45 minutes west of downtown Austin in Johnson City, Pedernales Falls provides everything you love in Texas hill country and so much more. When you drive to the very back of the park, you walk down the trails to the Pedernales River, you will gasp. Large rock formations, beautiful trees, and even sandy hills. So many options for your engagement session. Plan on having your session in the evening. Having your engagement session in the morning is possible, but may be tricky since it opens after the sun rises. The sunsets at Pedernales are beautiful and the crowds are usually minimal. An evening engagement session at Pedernales Falls state park is perfect for the couple who love texas hill country and breathtaking landscapes

Johnson City, Texas

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Pedernales falls state park

Located right next to downtown Austin along the Colorado river, Butler park gives you so many options for your engagement photographs. Beautiful trees along the river and lots of open spaces allow photographers to really get creative. Butler Park is also one of the best locations to get the entire Austin skyline. Anywhere you go in the park, you can get beautiful photographs with the Austin skyline behind you. Having your engagement session at either sunrise or sunset will be fine at Butler park. Our favorite thing about Butler Park is it is right across the road from Jack Black's BBQ. When you are finished with your engagement photos, go and get some Brisket from Jack Blacks, we will say you're welcome in advance. 

Austin, Texas

Butler Park

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Address: 1000 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704


The motto "Keep Austin Weird" perfectly describes South Congress. So many fun shops and restaurants up and down congress. Every photographer will agree, there is so much to use when photographing in South Congress, no two engagement photo sessions will look alike. Start your session at the top of the hill by Torchy's tacos, then work your way down finding whatever unique elements you find. We always make sure to take a few engagement photos with the different murals to add some zest to your photo gallery. Finish your engagement session off on the South Congress bridge, where the sunlight during golden hour is in just the perfect place to give you those bright and golden photographs you are crazy about. 

Austin, Texas

South Congress

Address: Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78704

The University of Texas Austin campus is a great location for couples who love architecture and history. The Architecture & Planning Library and the University of Texas Tower are the most popular spots for engagement photos. We have found by just walking around you can find some amazing hidden gems on campus as well. The best time for your engagement session on the University of Texas campus is in the morning. By the evening, the South Mall and the rest of the campus will be full of students and other photographers photographing. A morning session will ensure that the campus is empty and quiet. This way you both can really enjoy your engagement session and still enjoy the entire day in downtown Austin afterwards. 

Austin, Texas

University of Texas Austin

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Address: 110 Inner Campus Drive g8000, Austin, TX 78712


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Mount Bonnell is on the northwest side of Austin, right along the Colorado river. It is a bit of a climb up the steps to the very top, but the view is absolutely worth it. Stand along the rocks and take in the views of the Colorado river and Texas hill country. These views are the perfect backdrop for your engagement session. Your friends and family will have their jaw on the floor when they see your engagement photographs. Mount Bonnell is a very popular destination and will have be very packed with tourists wanting to see the view in the evening. Plan on having your engagement session at sunrise at Mount Bonnell. There is absolutely nobody there and it is so quiet, which is so much more relaxing than 100 people watching you at all times. 

Austin, Texas

Mount Bonnell


Address: 16710 Ranch Rd 965, Fredericksburg, TX 78624


This location is a bit of a drive, but it is worth it. Enchanted Rock is located an hour and a half west of Austin, just north of Fredericksburg, Texas. The 425 foot tall Granite Batholith is the central point of Enchanted Rock state park. To get from the parking lot to the very top takes about 30 minutes. For the best engagement session possible, we strongly recommend a session in the early evening. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the very top of Enchanted Rock, taking engagement photos along the way. The views of Texas hill country are incredible at the very top. Be sure to bring plenty of water for your engagement session to make sure you are hydrated. (We absolutely make sure all of our couples have water during their engagement sessions).

Fredericksburg, Texas

Enchanted Rock


Address: 5808 McKinney Falls Pkwy, Austin, TX 78744


Mckinney Falls state park is right on the south side of Austin. Waterfalls and beautiful rock formations are found around the falls themselves. What we love is that there are still beautiful wildflower fields and rock beds that can be used in addition to the falls. Having your engagement session in the morning at Mckinney Falls would be ideal as the park does fill with visitors in the afternoon and evening. Having said that, it is very easy to work around visitors during your engagement session. The trees at Mckinney falls do lose their leaves in November and do not grow them back until early April, so make sure to schedule your engagement in late spring or early fall to guarantee the best color in your engagement photographs.

Austin, Texas

Mckinney Falls


Address: 6701 Lakewood Dr, Austin, TX 78731


Bull Creek is right off of highway 360 in the north part of Austin. The creek itself is surrounded by beautiful rock cliffs and trails. The northern part of Bull Creek also has waterfalls along the creek that are just steps from the parking lot. Bull creek is perfect for the couple who wants to really showcase nature during their engagement session. We STRONGLY recommend a sunrise engagement session at Bull Creek. This is a very popular swimming spot and will be full of people all day. Start your engagement session at the lower part of Bull Creek, then finish by the waterfalls as the sun rises. 

Austin, Texas

Bull Creek

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The 360 Bridge is one of the most popular spots in Austin, Texas. The cliffs along the side of the bridge give you a fantastic view of Texas Hill Country. Across from the hills, on the other side of the Colorado river is a fantastic little park where you can lots of room to dance and have fun together during your engagement session. Since the 360 Bridge is so popular, a sunrise engagement session is almost necessary. You can easily use both sides of 360 bridge during your engagement session in the morning, get ready for that beautiful sunrise as you both sit at the very top of the hills.

Austin, Texas

360 Bridge

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Address: 234 RR 1050, Concan, TX 78838


Garner state park is 3 hours from Austin. If you are a couple who has dreamt about the perfect location to showcase Texas hill country, Garner state park is the worth the drive for your engagement session. Start at the very bottom of Old Baldy in the afternoon and work your way up to the very top. Spend time on the trail growing that connection with each other during your engagement session. When you arrive to the top you may be a little winded, but the views are absolutely spectacular. The hills look like mountains at Garner state park. The sunsets from the top of Old Baldy will make your engagement session truly memorable, as well as make your friends scream at how gorgeous your engagement photos are. 

Concan, Texas

Garner State Park

Charro Ranch Park is right down highway 290 in Driftwood. As Austin Engagement photographers, this is one of our go to locations no matter what time of year. The park is always exploding with colors and offers so many different options for couples who love the outdoors. If you are a lover of that golden hour light, Charro Ranch Park will not disappoint. This park is never very busy, so anytime around sunrise or sunset are perfect times for your session. Bring some hiking shoes and go for a romantic walk after your session to make the day even more special for you both!


Charro Ranch Park

Address: 22690 Ranch to Market Rd 150, Driftwood, TX 78619

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Phone: (512)930-5253

Address:2100 Cedar Breaks Rd, Georgetown, TX 78633

Cedar Breaks Park, located on the north side of Austin near Georgetown, offers so much for couples who love the outdoors. With tall grass and views of the North Folk San Gabriel River, couples love having their engagement photos taken at Cedar Breaks park, particularly during golden hour in the afternoon when the sun sets over the lake. It's a peaceful and quiet place that makes a great spot for a picnic before or after your engagement session.

Georgetown, Texas

Cedar Breaks Park

The Colorado River surrounds Austin, Texas, offering a diverse range of landscapes, including hills and cliffs. There are many parks along the river that have trails that take you down to the water's edge. For couples who enjoy being by the river and nature, it is the perfect option for your engagement session Both morning and evening offer great light, but you should also bring water shoes if you plan on going into the water to walk on the rocks.

Austin, Texas

Along the Colorado River

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For a lot of couples, lakes & rivers aren't enough. They want the ocean for their engagement session. We absolutely love the palm trees and the ocean, which is why we recommend Galveston Beach for those couples who want a their engagement session on the beach. Galveston is about 3 hours southeast of Austin and has so many fantastic spots to photograph up and down the coast line. Galveston is a very popular area full of tourists. The best time to photograph your engagement session is right at sunrise. The sun comes up right over the ocean, giving you vibrant colors and beautiful light in your engagement photographs. Enjoy breakfest on the beach right after your engagement session ends. 

Galveston, Texas

Galveston Beach

Mayfield Park is right next to the Laguna Gloria wedding venue in Northwestern Austin. This is a great location for the couple who want a little tropical paradise for their engagement session. Little pools surrounded by palm trees and flowers will add so much color to your engagement photographs. Also the park is full of peacocks and they are gorgeous. Anytime of day works at Mayfield Park since there is an abundance of shade. There is a permit fee for $50, but it goes right to the park's annual costs since they are a non profit. 

Austin, Texas

Mayfield Park

Phone: (512)974-6797

Address: 3505 W 35th St, Austin, TX 78703


For the couples who love to be spontanious and let the day guide you, start your engagement session on a parking garage in downtown Austin and lets see where it takes you. Maybe you randomly tacos from a taco stand? Or hop on a couple of electric scooters and ride down Congress parkway? Sometimes it is just more fun to see where the day takes you on your engagement session. We suggest starting in the center of the city and just see where your feet take you for your engagement session.

Austin, Texas

Date Night in Downtown Austin

Did you know that every photographer has a list of secret locations that they use for engagement sessions? These are hidden gems that we found while out and about that are absolutely perfect for engagement sessions. Locations that most people don't even know about, you can't even find them on a map! When you put all of your trust into your engagement photographer and let them find you the perfect location, this is how we reward you. Beautiful locations that NOBODY knows about, giving you an intimate setting to have fun, relax, and take gorgeous engagement photographs that your friends and family are going to lose their minds over when they see them.

The Photographer's Secret Spots

Your Wedding venue is a fantastic place to take your engagement photos at. This is the place where you are going to make some of the most important memories of your lives. Make it even more special by also getting your engagement photos taken there. Most venues will not be open in the mornings, so plan on having your engagement session in the evening. Definitely take note on what types of trees are at your venue as the leaves may be not have leaves on them during the winter months.

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