One of the very first steps after finding your Austin engagement photographer is figuring out when is the best time to have your photographs taken? As Austin engagement photographers, we dedicate ourselves to helping couples plan their engagement session with ease. Each season is completely different in Austin, take a look and decide for yourself when is the best time for your Engagement session to take place.

Which season is best?

Even though it is super hot in Austin, we are big fans of summer engagement sessions! The sun sets pretty late during the summer in Austin, 8:30pm or later, so if you are wanting an evening session, expect to start it around 7pm for the best light. Most of the popular locations are full of tourists during the evening, so if there is a particular location you are wanting your engagement photos at in Austin, we strongly recommend starting your engagement session around sunrise. 


Seasons in Austin, Texas

This is another great time of the year for engagement sessions. The leaves are starting to turn different colors, which gives you unique photo opportunities that you would not get any other time of the year. Temperatures are very comfortable. Schedules fill up quick with family sessions for most photographers in Austin this time a year so make sure to get it scheduled as soon as possible as you book


Seasons in Austin, Texas

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If you are wanting to take your engagement photos in Austin during the winter months, keep in mind that your session may begin as early as 3pm to catch the sunset. Although most days the temperatures are mild, there are cold days as well. Make sure to have a warmer back up outfit option in case it is cold the day of your engagement session. Many trees have lost their leaves. Ask your photographers for their recommendations on where to photograph that still has a lot 0f c0lor.


Seasons in Austin, Texas

Pro Tip: Schedule your engagement session early for the winter months. November and december get booked up super fast with families and couples wanting to get their photos taken before christmas.

Spring is one of the most popular times of the year for engagement sessions in Austin. The temperatures are perfect and the Blue Bonnets are in bloom! With school still being in session, many parks and popular spots are still very empty. April is the start of rain season so make sure you schedule both a primary date and backup rain date for your engagement session in Austin.


Seasons in Austin, Texas

Pro Tip: During rain season, parks that are along rivers and have waterfalls are going to be your best option. Locations we recommend are Bull Creek Park and Pedernales Fall State Park.

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