When you are planning your engagement session, figuring out what you will both wear is one of the most important steps. It isn't every day that you get your photos taken by a professional engagement photographer, so we know you want to make sure your outfits are absolutely perfect. That is why we made this guide to help you figure out what is the best outfits for your engagement session.

When you are picking out your outfit, remember that this is your engagement session, one of the very few times that you will be photographed together in your lives. This is an opportunity for you to wear that beautiful dress you've had your eye on but never had a chance to wear. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as "too dressed up" for your engagement session, so feel free to have fun with your outfit. We recommend selecting long, flowy dresses or skirts, as they can be flattering on all body types, look great on camera and add movement and depth to your photos. Cocktail dresses that are shorter photograph well too! Heels are great for lengthening your legs. If your heels are uncomfortable and make it difficult to walk, bring an extra pair of comfy shoes to wear when you are not taking photos.

Choosing your Outfit: For Her

What to wear 

Gentlemen, dressing in a suit and tie is a classic and timeless choice for your engagement session. If you already have a suit from being a groomsmen in a wedding, it's the perfect opportunity to wear it again. Another great option is to pair a blazer and tie with a nice pair of jeans for a more casual look. Change things up and wear a bow tie. Layering with a button-up shirt and a cozy sweater is a great way to look stylish and stay warm during the winter months when it is colder. Make sure you avoid shirts with small patterns as they can make the photo appear busy.  

Choosing your outfit: For Him

What to wear

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So how many outfits should you bring? For our couples, we always recommend two. The first one is your formal outfit, and the second being a little more casual that is more your style. We recommend starting with your more casual outfit and save your formal attire for later on when you are used to being in front of the camera. Keep in mind that you do not need to bring multiple outfits if it may stress you both out. It is perfectly fine to wear one great outfit that you feel confident in, rather than having one outfit that you love and another that you are not as excited about. The choice to bring one or two outfits is entirely up to you!

Outfits, One or two?

what to wear

When coordinating your outfits with your partner, keep in mind that for the best cohesive look in your photographs, the color palette and wardrobe pieces should complement each other without being an exact match. Both of you should have different dominant colors, but within a similar color scheme. For example, if you are wearing a blush dress and nude heels, with blush as your dominant color, your fiancé could wear navy coat with gray pants, paired with brown leather shoes and possibly even a blush pocket square. This way, he has his own dominant color  while still incorporating some elements of your color scheme. It is common for brides to choose their dress first and then build their fiancé's outfit around it. 

Coordinating Outfits

what to wear

When it comes to selecting colors for your outfits, we suggest opting for lighter, neutral tones and muted shades. Neutral colors such as cream, taupe, camel, or light gray are a safe bet. Additionally, shades of soft pinks, muted blues and sophisticated light-colored neutrals are also camera friendly and can harmonize well with natural outdoor backgrounds. This will keep the focus on what it should be on, YOU!

Choosing COlors

what to wear

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 Having professional hair and makeup done for your Austin engagement session is a great idea to make your engagement session even more special. These photos will be treasured as much as your wedding photos, so why not treat yourself to some pampering? Whether you opt for lash extensions or a blowout, a professional touch can make a big difference in how you feel and how you look on camera. To get the best results, have your makeup artist apply your makeup in natural light if possible, as this will give you a better idea of how it will appear in the final photos. Remember, it's normal to feel like the makeup is heavier than what you're used to, but don't worry! Good makeup artists know how to achieve the perfect look for the camera. We work with some of the best hair and makeup artists in the Austin area and would be happy to provide you with their contact information if you're interested. They're not only highly skilled but also wonderful people, so you'll be in great hands!

Hair & Makeup

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Recommended hair & Makeup Artists:

Makeup by Adrienn


Austin, Texas

Makeup ATX



712 West 34th St, Austin TX, 78705

LUX Beauty & Bridal


10001 S I-35 Frontage Rd #200, Austin, TX 78747

LJ Makeup





Austin, Texas

All Dolled Up ATX


Austin, Texas


Blush N Bangs


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Sonar Beauty


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Silk & Glow

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In our experience, everyone (regardless of size or shape) as a part of their body that they are self-conscious about. When selecting your outfits, it's important to take into consideration your personal areas of concern. Choosing styles and colors that complement your natural features is the best way to ensure you will be happy with the way you look in the photographs. To create a slimming effect on the arms, try to look for options with longer sleeves such as three-quarter length sleeves. If your dress has shorter sleeves, or no sleeves at all, you might want to bring along a jacket, blazer, cardigan or pashmina to add to your look. On the other hand, skinny straps or strapless dresses tend to make arms look larger on camera, so it's best to avoid those if slim-looking arms is the goal. Also, if it's cold out and you want to avoid freezing in your dress, it would be better to bring a warm coat and wear it when you're not shooting.

Flattering your Features

what to wear

Bonus tips!

what to wear

Make a statement

Adding one or two accessories to your outfit can help bring additional depth to your images. Accessories such as a necklace, scarf, earrings, belt, hat, or bracelet can add visual interest to your photos. To make sure that they don't compete for attention, it's best to choose one or two that complement each other well. 

Clean your ring

Your ring is going to be featured in a lot of photos, some that are super close up. so if you have time before your session, we recommend getting your ring cleaned and even treating yourself to a manicure.

Just skip the spray tan

We know this is a hard one, but we  STRONGLY recommend that you do not get a spray tan before your session (even a few days prior). Even if it is done by a professional, spray tans photograph incredibly orange, making you look like an oompa loompa. Your actual skin tone will photograph most beautifully.

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