Planning your proposal can be really challenging. You want to make is special, romantic, something that you both will never forget! We want this to be simple and stress free for you, all. We created a list of great ideas & locations, and great tips to make sure the moment is perfect.

It is time to FINALLY pop the question!
But how to do it?

Take your partner back to the place you had your very first date. It could be a park, coffee shop, it really doesn't matter. This place has so much sentimental value to you both. Share all of your memories from your first date. What was running through your mind, what they were wearing, everything that made that night special. Finish by surprising them with the question.

Where it all began

It goes without saying, Texas hill country is one of the beautiful parts of America. Around Austin, there are so many beautiful locations for you to propose. Go for a hike, take in the fresh hill country air, and ask that question surrounded by nature. 

Texas Hill Country

Picnics have always been favored as one of the most romantic activities that you can do with your partner. Find a nice location (we have some listed below) that has a beautiful view and is quiet. Don't know how to plan a picnic? There are many companies out there that will do all of the planning and setup for you! 

Romantic Picnic

Lake Travis is one of the most popular destinations in Austin, especially for boating. Spending the evening on a boat in the middle of the lake sets the perfect scene for you to propose. If you don't have a boat, there are many boat rentals that will help you out!

Boat Trip on Lake Travis

Go through your phone, your computer, and make prints from your relationship. Find a room in your home and fill the room up with photographs. There is no better way to propose to your partner than for you both to be completely surrounded by all the memories that had lead you both to this moment.

Fill the room with memories

Who hasn't dreamt of getting proposed to on a beach right? Just a couple hours down I35 and I10 is Galveston Beach. The best time to propose is during sunrise. It is very busy during the afternoon and evening. Sunrise in Galveston comes up right over the water and there usually is nobody around. Take in that incredible sunrise as you celebrate getting engaged.

Surprise trip to Galveston

Hang your wedding dress (and veil if you have one) up in a place that is easy for your photographer to find. Make sure you bring a very nice hanger with you (nobody wants a plastic hanger holding up their dress). 

Wine Tasting

For a lot of people, family is incredibly important. So much so that they want their loved ones to be a part of all of the important moments of their lives. Get everyone important to you both in your lives in the same place. Your home, restaurant, etc. The element of surprise is key for this one so be creative with how you can surround you both with your friends and family without your partner knowing. Your proposal will be one nobody will ever forget.

With your loved ones

Pro Tip: Pick a restaurant that has dark lighting. Have your family members sit in tables surrounding the table you will be sitting at.

This is not a complete list of places to propose in Austin, but these are locations that we believe are the most romantic and will blow your partner away.

The Best Locations to Propose in Austin

Pedernales Falls is 45 minutes from downtown, right down route 290. Start your proposal by going for a hike down to the river and you will see gorgeous hills and areas of small sand dunes. Be sure to go during the evening so the sun is in a great spot for your proposal.

Johnson City, Texas

Phone: (830)-868-7304

Address: 2585 Park Rd 6026, Johnson City, TX 78636


Pedernales falls state park

Austin's motto is "Keep Austin Weird". Downtown Austin gives you so many options for your proposal. Every building, every street is so unique. Go for a drive and find a space that speaks out to you and fills you with excitement.

Austin, Texas

Downtown Austin

Phone: (512)471-3434

Address: 110 Inner Campus Drive g8000, Austin, TX 78712



Address: 16710 Ranch Rd 965, Fredericksburg, TX 78624


If you drive down route 290 into Fredericksburg, you will find Enchanted Rock. It is a about a 25 minute hike up to the top from the parking lot, but the views are so beautiful and so memorable. We would recommend telling your partner that you are going for a hike or hiring a photographer for a couples session (who is really there to capture your proposal).

Fredericksburg, Texas

Enchanted Rock

Address: 3800 Mt Bonnell Rd, Austin, TX 78731


Located on the west side of downtown Austin, Mount Bonnell provides one of the most breathtaking backdrops of the Colorado River. It is a very simple walk from your car to the top of the hill. Bring a picnic and really take in the moment before you propose. Mount Bonnell is a small park and can fill up with tourists quickly, so we recommend trying to have your proposal during the morning hours. 

Austin, Texas

Mount Bonnell

Butler Park provides our absolute favorite backdrop of downtown Austin. It doesn't matter when you want your proposal to be, there is plenty of room at Butler Park for you to have an intimate moment with your partner. 

Austin, Texas

Butler Park

Phone: (512)974-6700

Address: 1000 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704



Address: 6701 Lakewood Dr, Austin, TX 78731


Bull Creek is on the north side of Austin. You have both the creek and the waterfalls at your disposal depending on which part of Bull Creek you go to. Bull Creek can get really packed when school is not in session, as well as on the weekends, so be sure to plan accordingly. Bull Creek is a great place for a proposal if you just want a relaxing place to kick back, grill, go swimming, and end a perfect relaxing day by asking the most important question of your lives.

Austin, Texas

Bull Creek

The 360 Bridge is about 20 minutes northwest of downtown Austin and goes over the Colorado River. The prime spot to go to is the overlook on the north side of the bridge. Its a little bit of a hike to the top, but the backdrop you will have for your proposal will be so worth it. Parking is very limited, so be sure to plan your proposal for times when it is not super packed (morning's are ideal). 

Austin, Texas

360 Bridge

Address: 234 RR 1050, Concan, TX 78838

frequently asked questions about marriage proposals

What is the most romantic way to propose?

Every single person is different. What may be romantic to one person may not be to another. Try to put as much intentionality and thought into it as possible. You can go above and beyond, or keep it very simple. The best thing you can do is show them that the proposal is just as important to you as it is to them.

How do I pick out the engagement ring?

Start by simply asking your partner what kind of rings they like. Look online or go to a jewelry store. When they start comparing all rings to one specific ring, then you have found the perfect engagement ring.

WHat do I say while proposing?

The secret to the perfect proposal isn't a script, its words that come from your heart. Think about everything that has happened in your relationship. The fun times, the obstacles you overcame, the growth you both made together. Remember your partner picked you for a reason. Be yourself, don't recite lines from a web page.

What are some important things to do before I propose?

First and foremost, make sure this is exactly what you both want for you future. When you make those wedding vows, there is essentially no going back. Divorce should never be an option, this is a LIFELONG COMMITMENT. After you make that important decision, be sure to go to their parents and ask for their daughter/son's hand in marriage. This is purely to show respect to their family and it will be incredibly important to them.

How do I record my proposal?

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND having a photographer their to capture your proposal. You are only going to do this once, and these will be photographs that you will look back at for the rest of your lives. It is actually very easy to hire a proposal photographer. Most photographers are even willing to set up a phone on a tripod to capture it if a videographer is out of your budget. If you are doing in in a private space and would rather not have anybody there, set up your phone well ahead of time and make sure you have plenty of battery. If you are going to be outside or in a public space, consider hiring a professional photographer to capture that special moment

We have photographed dozens of proposals and even planned a few! We know exactly how to blend into the background and if you need help on what to do we are full of ideas. Being there for the very beginning of your story is something we cherish. You will never forget having photographs from this once in a lifetime event in your lives.

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