Look around the Austin area and sees what grabs your attention the most. Is it the skyline of downtown Austin? Does the gorgeous views of Texas hill country that fit what you are looking for more? The most popular areas for weddings are in the city of Austin itself, Dripping Springs, and down near Wimberley and Canyon Lake.

what to do before you reach out

Chose What area/City you want to have your wedding

Set your budget

Pick your date

Guest List estimate

Narrow down a venue style

research venues

You want to make sure that you have created your wedding budget before you start searching for a wedding venue. The last thing you want to do is book a wedding venue then realize that you have very little left for anything else. Also, some venues include things in their packages that you may have already included in your budget like a wedding coordinator, florist, catering, tables & chairs, etc. You can find more information on how to figure out your budget at our resource, The very first 7 steps for planning your wedding.

Pick a time of the year that you both want to get married. Depending on the time of year, availability may be very hard to find, so don't get your heart set on just one date. Select a few dates so you can increase your odds on finding an open date. Also consider off peak or other days of the week besides Saturday. Your dream wedding venue may be booked solid on the weekends, but have availability during the week!

Start talking a little bit about your guest list and coming up with a rough estimate as to how many guests you are going to want at your wedding. Each wedding venue has their own limitations as to how many guests are allowed, so make sure you have a ball park number before you visit.

Really think about how you want your wedding day to look. Is it overlooking Texas hill country or downtown in a beautiful ballroom? Do you want it to be very classy or more casual? Think about these things then look for venues that fit that style. Pinterest and google are fantastic resources for inspiration!

Research all of the venues that fit the type of style you are looking for, then make a list of your top five Austin wedding venues. Pay attention to the types of weddings they showcase on their website, what other brides have said, and the details they have listed about what they offer. 


what makes a wedding venue "The One"?

How to find your Austin wedding venue


Photographer Friendly

No travel required

You want to find a venue that gives you the closest thing to what you have pictured in your mind. For example: If you are wanting a view of Texas hill country, then a venue like Camino Real Ranch may not be the best fit whereas Villa Antonia has fantastic views of the hills. 

Look at what other brides are saying and what they are raving about. What things do you see brides saying the most? These are people that had their wedding at the venue that you are considering and loved it. Their testimonials can be a good indication of what you will be in store for.

To achieve the best results for your wedding photography, your venue should have an abundance of bright, natural light. There should be plenty of locations at your venue for photographic opportunities. Check out photographs that have been taken at the venue to give you an idea of what you can expect in your wedding photography.

The less amount of traveling needed, the better. You want to be able to get ready in a bridal suite, have your ceremony, and reception all at the same location. 

Questions to Ask

How to find your Dream wedding venue

•Are you available for my date?
•What is the total cost?
•What do your packages include?
•What is your venue's capacity?
•Do you have off season or weekday pricing?

before you visit


•How long can you provisionally hold my date?
•How much is the retainer to hold the date?
•When is the final payment due?
•What is your cancellation policy?
•How many hours do I get the space for?
•Will our wedding be the only wedding here that day?
•Can we read over the contract before signing?

•Is there enough parking for all of our guests?
•Do you have A/C or heat?
•What is your rain plan?
(This is very important if you are wanting a outdoor ceremony)



•Are there accommodations nearby for guests?
•What is the minimum stay required for our guests that book rooms?

Food & Dining

•What are your food and drink minimum?
•Can we do taste testing beforehand?
•What are the menu options?
•Do you cater to Vegetarians and Vegans? 
•Can I bring in an outside caterer?
What size tables to you have? Are they included?
•Is linen, glassware, and crockery included in the cost?


•How many ceremony spaces do you have?
•Is there somewhere for us to get ready?
•How long does it take to change over from ceremony setup to reception setup?


•Is there enough space for a DJ?
•What are the bar options?
•What time does our wedding need to be done by? 


•Do you have approved list of vendors?
•Can we bring in our own vendors?
•What time does our wedding need to be done by? 
•How long do vendors have access before and after my wedding?


•Will one person be helping us during the planning process?
•Will we work with the same person on the wedding day?
•What staff members will working with us on our wedding day?
•Will staff set up and take down the decor?


•How many toilets do you have?
•Do you have disabled access?
•Does the venue have a sound system?
•Is there a safe space to store gifts?

You know what to look for, now its time to go out and find your dream wedding venue. We compiled a list of the very best Austin Wedding venues for you to check out!  After your wedding venue is booked, then the search begins for your wedding photographer. The biggest question brides have is how much do photographers cost? We have broken down how much you should look to invest in your wedding photography, as well as how to find that dream wedding photographer for your wedding day.

What's next in the wedding planning process?

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How to find your dream wedding photographer

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