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How to get your Groom Excited about wedding Planning!

Wedding Planning

Lets face it. By the time your done planning your wedding the most popular answer you will get from your groom is “I don’t care babe.. whatever you want to do! Which at times can be refreshing. He’s not questioning you and your able to make so many decisions without him second guessing everything. But on the flip side you also don’t want your groom to feel like his opinion isn’t wanted or apreasheated

First would be to collaborate with him from day 1! Make sure you both are on the same page and come up with a  visually cohesive idea for how you both envision your day!

Second, Always be open to his input and ideas. While your quickly becoming the expert it helped build up your man when your able to stop and really listen to their opinion

3rd.  This might seem like a no brainer but register together! Brett and I had such a blast and turned it into a date night (and thanks to modern technology the few crazy unnecessary items Brett added I just quickly went in and removed haha)

4th Have him help create a unique guest experience. If you both for some reason aren’t big fans of cake. Maybe scoop up ice cream for all your guests at the dessert station. Great way to get in some extra visiting time with your guests and who doens’t like ice cream???

5th don’t be afraid to put him to work! Have guests who haven’t responded to RSVPs send you groom to track them down!!

6th. Take dance lessons. You guys it can but such a fun date night and for most of us probably the only time we will ever take dancing lessons. Its a great way to relieve stress and laugh with your soon to be husband

7th. Planning your honeymoon. While I think it’s smart for you to communicate what type of places you would want to go. It really adds something extra special not knowing where your future husband is going to take you. While planning isn’t every mans strong suit have a trusted bridesmaid or close friend help him with logistics.

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