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Tish + Greg: Eureka Lake Engagement


Eureka Lake Engagment

Eureka Lake Engagement photos


Eureka, Illinois. Ever heard of it? If you are a Chicago Cubs fan you have, that’s the hometown of Ben Zobrist! If you aren’t a Cubs fan, then it’s just the town you drive through between I-74 and Metamora. This little town has a hidden gem though. Lake Eureka. O my gosh you guys, we have seen some gorgeous locations before, but the lake in Eureka, with those gorgeous fall colors. This may be one of our favorite locations we have ever been to.

What a privilege it was for Greg and Tish to show us this amazing place! These two are such troopers. Their session was supposed to be the day prior, but mother nature decided to send a monsoon to central Illinois. That didn’t stop these two though, they agreed to meet up early in the morning. There is something so pleasant about a morning photo session, just taste the air on Lake Eureka, o my word it is so refreshing! The brisk cold air didn’t get to any of us and it kept the locals away so we could enjoy the lake all to ourselves.

You guys did so awesome on your session, Greg knows just how to make Tish feel so safe and comfortable in his arms. Tish, watching you melt every single time he holds you is the sweetest thing! We barely had to give Greg and Tish any direction, sometimes you just need to let them do their thing right? There were a couple moments while editing these photos where Brett found himself crying. It really is just so special to see the happiness you two have for each other.

Only a couple months guys until your big day and we are right here, back at this beautiful lake. A snowing dream wedding, we are so excited and can’t wait!



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