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Tish & Greg : A Peoria Waterhouse Wedding


Greg and Tish! My goodness what an amazing day these two had! Tish was so relaxed when she walked through the church doors. Weather was looking less then ideal for pictures outside, so we had to get creative. We found some beautiful window light and were able to capture some beautiful portraits of the girls getting ready!

I will never forget the moment Tish saw herself in the mirror after her veil was put on. I think that’s the moment it truly hit her she was getting married! The raw emotion we feel at every wedding gives me goose bumps! Before the ceremony Tish had a few family members sneak and find her and offered her the sweetest hugs and her grandma wheeled herself into the room to offer her the sweetest little hug! My favorite part is seeing the groom’s face. Greg did not disappoint! He cried, Brett cried; haha, I think we all cried!

Tish was absolutely glowing! After the ceremony Greg and Tish did a formal exit from the church, and the moment they threw open the doors the crazy Illinois wind hit us all and the sound of shock from the guests was very loud! We headed to their beautiful venue, The Waterhouse in Peoria, IL. Greg and Tish had the cutest entrance-wrestling themed; it was amazing! The maid of honor and best man gave heartfelt speeches. They played a song in memory of those who have already passed. Greg’s father played a super important part in their lives and when the song started it hit everyone! Since Brett lost his dad a couple years before we got married, I saw that reality hit him. It was a heartbreaking moment and one I will never forget. After dinner they had their first dances which were so sweet! Guests enjoyed a fun photo booth and the DJ was amazing! Nothing like photographing the dance floor and the DJ partying right along with everyone. Greg and his best man did an amazing rendition of “Cotten-eyed Joe” and Tish was super talented at the cha cha slide.

The love for this couple was so evident and I especially enjoyed watching Tish’s son and mother working it out on the dance floor, and Greg’s sweet mom and brother watching all the guests enjoy the amazing celebration of the sweetest of couples! Greg and Tish! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding. We wish you all the best in your future!

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