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Tennessee Countryside Wedding | Allison + Dalton


Every year we have certain weddings circled that are extra special to us personally. Allison and Dalton’s wedding date was circled many times on our schedule. My goodness I have some things to say about this couple!

I (Joanna) first met Allison when were were both nursing assistant at a nursing home. Allison was going to ISU to become a teacher. I remember the first few times I observed her at work I knew I wanted to get to know her better. Then a few weeks later we both were assigned the same hall and our friendship was officially born.

Fast forward another year. Allison attended my wedding shower and my wedding! She ended up moving right next to us in our first apartment as husband and wife! It was pretty common for us to just be like “hey wanna come over for supper?” And here she would come demanding to bring a side to share! That’s the kind of person Allison is. The most giving, and generous heart!

Fast forward to the following January, Brett was out of town for work and Allison came over. I will never forget the moment I told her I was pregnant. She burst into tears which then made me cry! Allison threw me a baby shower, visited Everly and I in the NICU and was titled Everly’s favorite aunt! (Everly has many of those)

I remember the day Allison told me about Dalton. They were sweethearts in High school! Then went their separate ways to find their own careers. But as fate would have it the reconnected years later and everything fell into place. High school sweethearts make for the sweetest love stories. While theirs had a gap in between high school and forever I am so thankful they found each other!

Allison wanted a small intimate wedding so thankfully Covid-19 didn’t effect much of their plans. They got married at the most charming little air B&B right outside Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee!

The sun was shining and my beautiful friend was finally getting married!!! Her closest friends and family gathered outside the sweet air b&b and watched as Allison and her dad made their way to Dalton.

Their vows would hit anyone in the feels! Every single sentence, Allison could barely get the words out. She had been waiting her entire life for this moment, to tell Dalton, in front of the entire world, how much he meant to her. They together have been through so much and to see God bring them together was such a beautiful thing to be a part of!

We couldn’t be more honored to have captured this beautiful day! Cheers to forever you guys! We sure love you!!

 Tennessee Countryside Wedding Tennessee Countryside Wedding

I have become quite a professional at putting on Boutonnieres. So glad I was able to help!

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