Your wedding day is fast approaching and most couples get so caught up in the day itself that they forget the very little things that can help the day go smoothly right from the start. We want to make sure that each and every couple has a stress free wedding day, all of you deserve it. That is why we created this list to help you remember the very small things that will make a big impact on your wedding day. Don't be stressing about the little things, start the day off on the right foot and live in the moments as they happen.

Get a really good night sleep the day before your wedding. Do not drink and party the night away. The last thing you want to be is sick and hungover at your wedding. That will make the day miserable for you. Try to get a least 7-10 hours of really good sleep so you are well energized and ready to have fun.


Let your bridal party & families know about who your photographer is and what to expect from them. The more they know about your photographer and how much you love them, the more comfortable they will be when your photographer shows up on the wedding day. Also make sure each person has a copy of the timeline and understand what time they need to be there and where to go.


Pro Tip: Tell the groomsmen to be there 30 minutes before they actually do to guarantee they are ready to go on time

Find a place in the room you are getting ready that has the most amount of window light. This will help your photographer out tremendously to ensure the best light for your photographs. Designate a spot in another part of the room where all bags and clutter can go. This will keep the area around where you are getting ready clean, after all nobody wants a photo of them getting ready surrounded by Jimmy John's wrappers!


Write a note to each other to express how much the journey has meant to you. This is a great way to get your partner excited for what is to come. Have a member of the bridal party deliver it while getting ready. Another good idea is to give each other gifts. Cologne/Perfume is one of our favorites because that will be the scent that will always be tied to our wedding day.

Notes & Gifts

One thing that you should not be doing on your wedding day is having to answer questions and take care of any problems. Assign someone to be your point of contact incase there are any issues or anything comes up. That way you can be fully present in the day and able to enjoy the special moments as they happen.

Point of Contact

Gather all of your details and put them in a box, ready to go for your photographer when they arrive. This includes:


• Jewelry
• Invitation Suites
• Perfume
• Rings (both wedding rings
& engagement ring)
• Bouquet
• Ring Boxes
• Anything else that is important to you

Have your florist drop off your flowers by the time your photographer arrives. Ask them to include the extra flowers & clippings they did not use so the photographer can use them.

Hang your wedding dress (and veil if you have one) up in a place that is easy for your photographer to find. Make sure you bring a very nice hanger with you (nobody wants a plastic hanger holding up their dress). Put it somewhere safe that is far away from food and drinks. Keep it protected in the bag that it came with until your photographer is ready. 


Pro Tip: If the dress gets dirt on it, use a pair of panty hoes and rub them onto the dirt. It will take the dirt right out of the dress.

Before the wedding day, Be sure to create a list of all the family formals you are wanting on the wedding day. Be sure to tell everyone that is on that list when family formals are going to be and where to go. Designate a family member from each side to help wrangle up family members.


Pro Tip: Tell everyone at your rehearsal dinner when family formals will be

• If you are going to have alcohol in the morning, pace yourselves. You want to enjoy your wedding day, save the drinking until later on in the night.

•Make an emergency bag for small things that may happen during the day. This includes lip stick, Tide stain pen, aspirin, scissors, oil absorbing wipes, and a pair of flats. 

• Do a first look with your parents/grandparents. They have been thinking about this day your entire life and this is a great way to give them a special moment without them feeling posed or awkward.

• Lastly, BE YOU! This is your wedding day, do it your way. If you want to have a light saber fight walking into your ceremony, DO IT!! If you want Eskimo kiss when you exit your ceremony, rub those noses together! Let your day unfold the way you always wanted it to.

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